Bio and Artist statement

Herman Stel (1959) born in the Netherlands is a autodidact when it comes to his painting. Contrasts in shapes and colors, faces drawing inspiration from childhood always. After the millennium, I began again with drawing and painting. First, animal figures and I later added the series of portraits. This style, inspired by the desire to do something with emotions, people and faces, I combined with the colorful style that I've painted.
I work a lot with our eldest daughter Jorien, also an artist. She makes beautiful forms of paper art.
We exhibit together in galleries, mainly in the Netherlands but also in Copenhagen and Belgium in 2015. From 2016 until now I had an exhibition at the Fusion Art Galleries, the Urbano arthotel in Miami Florida and participate at the Art Basel. Next to that, I am in Key West Florida represented by the Gildea Art Galleries. Also, I was invited to exhibit at the National Art Contest in the Netherlands. In addition, along with 8 artists, From july 2017 I am also was a gallery owner of a gallery (Salon West) in Amsterdam, where we are also looking for more international collaboration with other artists and galleries. 
I regularly sell international work o.a to Germany, Belgium, Ibiza, Venice and America. I notice that my work is getting attention and therefore begins to emerge international interest.